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 John Clayton Taylor

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Artist Bio:

Clay Taylor is a 21 year-old adventure photographer. His passion for the overlooked, rare scenes, and events in life inspire him to create art in uncommon places. Clay is based in Oklahoma City, but explores primarily throughout the State of Oklahoma. Clay is faith-based driven. He believes that Creation is a direct reflection of the Creator. Mountains, oceans, wildlife, sunsets, stars, and much more reflect the beauty, power, glory, and love that God has for the people that inhabit His Creation. And yet, He loves us more than all these things. Without Clay’s relationship with the Creator, he wouldn’t be an artist, or the man he is today.


Inspired by the simplistic, rare elements of life, the grit and overlooked areas drive me to create art in an unlikely place. Oklahoma, the land of Native American Tribes, Bison, Cowboys, legendary Sunsets, a thriving capitol, a renewed culture, and a hearty people mix for a combination unlike any other in the world. In a ripe environment for rediscovery, my photography aims to capture the beauty, history, and distinct culture of Oklahoma and the growth of its people.