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Vivian (Barista at Slingers) Visits the Synesso Factory

Nothing lasts forever. It’s a phrase that is constantly part of the human paradox that dares to defy our beliefs on love, religion, and materials. Synesso, a company that specializes in American made espresso machines, strives to fulfill the “forever” in customer service. They do this with the quality and life of their machines and couples it with their patience and loyalty to their customer base. Walking through the warehouse with Ann was an enlightening experience. Synesso keeps their production to around 30-40 machines a month. They do this to remain loyal to their customers who in turn remain loyal to them. Function is one of the main pillars of Synesso. The design of their machines and products are for user simplicity and peace of mind. The inside of the machine is so beautifully bare, save for a few wires and water boilers. The electronic board is a single board without much flair or the endless wires that tend to entrap the user in a moment of psychotic frustration. The new steam tips are an example of their devotion to innovation and simplicity for their customer base. Another pillar of Synesso is their reliability. All of their machines go through two days of testing, resting on the same pallet on which they were created and on what they will be shipped on. Design, while important, does not drive Synesso. Synesso does offer things like powder coating for the machines (which is done at a nearby company a few miles from the warehouse). Function and reliability shape the machine into the sexy powerhouse that sits on many counter tops around the world. The people at Synesso will walk you through anything that happens to your machine, whether it’s as simple as a heating element or rebuilding your steam wand. The same people that carefully work on every single machine are the ones who drink the coffee. They are the ones who will answer your questions and help create prototypes that broaden the coffee industry to those that want to learn.

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Brew Work shop April 18th 2p Info here 






Party with us after you crawl with a Latte art Throw Down starting at 5pm.  Sign up starting at 4:30pm- Killer prizes,free beer,spiked cold brew,food truck and a kick ass time.









LUCKY 7 Anniversary



«  All day free Coffee Drinks 6:30a-4P

«  All day Anniversary shirts Available Printed by shopgoodokc.com designed by Tessa Bayne || www.tessaravenart.com

«  10a-12p Face Painting facebook.com/RocioPerezDelSolar

«  11am-3pm Photo Booth from www.veryberrybooth.com

«  11am-1:30 Food Truck from 2 Brothers Bistro

«  11:30am-1:30pm  live DJ Jon Mooneyham

«  12 noon Free sweet treats from Kitchen 324

«  1:30p-3p lives music from Saige Cross || saigecross.bandcamp.com

«  2pm-3pm Caricaturist Lance King || www.lancekingart.com

«  4pm Closed /Slingers crew celebration  || www.fasslerhall.com







Single Origin Espresso

>> Eucaliptos Espresso<< 

Will be featured {on the bar} Feb 3rd,4th,5th,9th,12th,14th 

Jammy, Coriander, Oklahoma Honey











Pour overs featured on the back bar

 Fridays 7:30-11:30 &  Saturdays 9a-1pm



inside the roaster (3)



Going Pro

Feature /Melody Harwell









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New Coffee & New Relationships




Check out the Video   2014 Crops coming in soon

OKIE Cold Brew & The New 32oz Bottles


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Follow us to Origin

We will be  hanging out with coffee trees, coffee people,  cupping and buying coffee.   We will be in El Salvador first, visiting all of our El Salvador producers  as well as meeting some new ones in Apaneca and  Santa Ana. Fo0llow us also as we head to the highlands of Guatemala meeting old friends and making some new ones in Palencia  & Huehuetenango

Knowing and meeting the people we buy from and going every year keeps us closer to our products on a culinary level as well.  When you finally arrive back at your roaster or the espresso machine with the same agricultural product that you have experienced the terroir of in a live living form at origin, with the rhythm of workers and the urgency echoing at harvest,  it sparks a clear understanding  of what we are trying to accomplish and deliver into the cooling tray.  It’s all hard work.  Let’s keep it moving. Drink coffee daily.

{Fun Fact coffee Slingers Roasters is taking  Barista (Kalee) to Coffee growing country for the first time}.

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OKC Crawl Shop Graphic

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Mile 5 & 6 on the Kalalau Trail on Kauai,amazing wild coffee trees growing.  Some of  the trees grow out of the rocks, in waterfall streams and under the Macadamia nut trees.   The varieties most common in Hawaii is Typica & Kona.  Kona is a selection of Typica with larger seeds.

Kauai 2013 Dec 040 Kauai 2013 Dec 096 Kauai 2013 Dec 098 Kauai 2013 Dec 099 Kauai 2013 Dec 100 Kauai 2013 Dec 039 Kauai 2013 Dec 103



OKG Halloween Parade Oct 26th

Scary good coffee, Slingers in costume & open late.

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 Check out Juan Farm here




 Every third Thurday Shop Hop

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More info here



Celebrating Women Coffee Roasters

Slingers is in the new Barista blog post check it out here




gallery_10479127272 Varietals 2 colors 1 brew method Aug 17 3p More info here




 Hello all!  Coffee Slingers crew had an awesome team building experience on  the Riversports Skytrail this past Monday afternoon. A super fun challenge well worth it. An awesome exercise for us, working inside and outside of each of our individual comfort zones and allowing us all to be better communicators.  Among other fun challenges, we were split into teams, each searching for hidden clues high on a four story course of rope bridges and then having to communicate within limitations to accomplish the mission of building described objects out of blue foam on the ground. Recommended highly for strengthening  trust and communication in your crew or organization. Fun too… The slide rocks! riversports






Long Haul Style Okie Cold Brew

 24oz Bottle Available Now

me 016Introducing the Long Haul Style 24 oz flip top bottle of our Okie cold brew. Don’t sleep, it’s Coffee Slingers Roasters’ killer cold brew to take with you. Pop the lid and chase away the morning’s grave with it’s slow brewed deep flavor strings strumming the song of quality coffees at origin. Long Haul Style’s low acidity shapes the malted grain kick drum of body beneath bright stone fruits and citrus, energizing the palate with a dance troupe of invigorating flavors. Buckle your seatbelt and use your blinkers, we’re in it for the Long Haul. Grab a bottle, take it home, share it with friends, finish it yourself, use it for a water bottle, leave it on a mantlepiece afterwards, or just recycle it. We have bottled this popular and refreshing quality brewed beverage for all lovers of cold brew. Serve chilled. Enjoy.

Brew Work Shop July 18th

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We have some great relationships with some amazing producers >>> we can’t wait to share the 2013 crops  Cup Of Excellence winners!! Malacara & El Socorro



el socorr

The five year slide show here


fiveyears{see more}



5 Year Party Line Up

«    First 50 folks that arrive by  10a get a free gift

«    Get your picture @theSNLbooth  savor the memories 11a-1p

«    Free drinks & Fun times

«    We will be closing at  2pm for a slingers crew  Dinner



Poster by Kristopher Kanaly



Origin Trip 2013

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Hasta Luego

Caffeine Crawl Oklahoma Feb 16

caffine crawl

The great folks of Brew Revolution helped bring amazing direct relationship coffee to the hands of Coffee Slingers Roasters so we pledge to  donate 5% of our whole bean coffee sales to Brew Revolution Help them bring punk rock hand crafted beer to El Salvador as they continue to help us bring kick ass coffee to you!  Click here for more info

Brew Better Coffee Classes get your tickets for Jan 17th 2013 5pm Here

Kalee & Karli attended Barista Nation in TX

“I think mostly it was a peek into the diversity of the industry, community connecting, and representation of Slingers in the coffee world. We did bring back plenty of enthusiasm to share.”

 Scary Good Coffee (with) the Slingers Crew 2012 Halloween Parade

 Melody Harwell co- creator and roaster at Coffee Slingers Roasters was a part of the Team {The Crack Shots}  RG Retreat Team Roasting Challenge Winners, 2012   Great Team building & camaraderie with a creative  collaboration in our craft.

Join (us) August 9


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